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Discus Fish Ebook

"The Hobbyist Guide To Discus Fish Care and Maintenance"

Now You Can Discover For Yourself The Truth About Discus Fish Using Tested Techniques That Most Discus Fish Owners May Not Know

Learn from the experts and do it right the 1st time. A solution based ebook that guides the Discus fish hobbyist in all aspects from setting up to maintaining a healthy stress free environment for your beautiful Discus fish.

Here is what you'll learn and more:

Arrow Choosing a suitable aquarium
-The advantages of using a larger tank for your discus fish.
-Chart showing the benefits of using a glass tank vs. an acrylic tank
-Factors to consider when choosing a round or rectangular tank
-The differences between a planted tank and a regular tank
-Do's & Don'ts section on aquarium location

Arrow Required equipment
-How to choose a proper aquarium stand
-Calculating the weight of your aquarium to ensure adequate floor support and avoid any tip overs
-The effects of proper lighting and the difference between light spectrum and light intensity
-Your choice between incandescent bulbs, florescent bulbs, Led lighting, ultra violet lighting and UV lighting
-Aquarium Filters
-The importance of having excellent filtration and the difference between mechanical filtration, chemical filtration and and biological filtration (including the Nitrogen Cycle)
-The effective use of power filters, canister filters, wet and dry filters, under gravel filters and sponge filters
-Recommended filters for your Discus tank
-Aquarium Heaters
-Learn about hanging heaters, submersible heaters and substrate heaters. Managing and monitoring heater safety
-Aquarium Substrate
-Choosing between gravel, sand, vermiculite, laterite and substrate to avoid for your discus tank
-Do's & Don'ts section on Required Equipment

Arrow Aquarium Hygiene
-Maintaining the best water quality for your discus fish and how to effective use a water test kit
-What is pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, alkalinity and carbonate hardness and what are their ideal levels to maintain excellent water quality. Altering pH and GH levels
-De-chlorinating regular tap water and cycling your new aquarium before adding discus fish
-What are intolerable, optimum and survivable water temperatures and how they affect your fish level of activity?
-Timely water changes and how they affect the levels of toxins, and nitrates in your water
-When to do filter maintenance. How to clean your substrate with a vacuum siphon to avoid ammonia and nitrates build up
-What to look for when choosing live plants and how to maintain them. A listing of live plants suitable for discus aquarium
-Learn about the Echinodorus family, Anubias family, Ammania family and Crytocoryne family of plants
-A chart listing of plant diseases showing plant symptoms, causes and cures
-Controlling Oxygen and Carbon levels and controlling algae growth
-Do's & Don'ts section on Aquarium Hygiene

Arrow Your Discus selection
-Critical factors to consider when choosing your special discus fish
-The most important questions to ask the pet shop employee or importer prior to making your choice
-The importance of setting up a quarantine tank and when to use it
-Bringing your Discus fish home
-Choosing the proper transport equipment and tips to safely transport your discus fish without creating stress
-Do's & Don'ts section on your Discus selection

Arrow The Health of your Discus
-Understand how both environmental and biological factors can affect your Discus fish health. How to keep them stress free Indentifying critical changes in your fish behavior and what they mean When is the your quarantine tank most needed
-Pre-medication procedures and tips are listed. How to administer medication to your Discus fish including force-feeding, medication baths, adding medication to the tank and giving medicinal food

Arrow Types of Discus Diseases and recommended cures
-Hole in the Head Syndrome aka HLLE or Head and Lateral Line Erosion Body Flukes, Gill Flukes, Nematodes (capillaria), Blue Slime Diseases (Costia, Chilodenella), Flagellates, Fungal infections, Fin and Tail Rot, Parasitic Ciliates- White Spot Disease, Cloudy Eye Disease, Tapeworms, Velvet Disease (Oodinium), Columnaries Disease, Parasitic Anchor Worms, Lose of Balance or Headstanding, Fish Tuberculosis, Dropsy and Popeye Constipation and Bloat and Hexamitiasis
-A conversion Chart for Discus Medication is listed with Treatment, Appropriate Dosage and Additional information
-Post Medication Procedures, Prevention and Fixing Water Quality issues are discussed
-Do's & Don'tssection on Discus Diseases and recommended cures

"The Hobbyist Guide To Discus Fish Care and Maintenance" is packed with helpful advice and I know you're going to be overjoyed after reading it. Just look what a couple of Discus lovers had to say after reading this amazing ebook...

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Steve F., San Diego, CA

My Discus's Are More Colourful Than Ever

"Thanks for such a great e-book Mike.

I've followed your advice and now my Discus are more colourful than ever. There health seems to have improved quite a bit thanks to your advice.

I'm also going to start using your easy maintenance tips to speed up caring for my fish... this is going to save me a few hours every week.

Thanks again"

Jamie C, Manchester UK

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